How to fix Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping?

How to fix Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping? With technology becoming an integral part of our daily lives in today’s digital age, it is frustrating and disruptive to run into unexpected problems with our devices or applications.

The Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping error is one such issue that many Android users have encountered. If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a solution to this issue.

Throughout this blog, we’ll explore what “Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping” is, why it occurs, and how to fix it. # Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping

We understand the importance of seamless and uninterrupted device performance, and we strive to equip you with the knowledge and solutions to overcome this issue, enabling you to get the most out of your Android experience.

What is a market feedback agent?

Market Feedback Agent is a popular Android app that has a lot of downloads and active daily users, so chances are you’re familiar with it.

However, if you’re experiencing problems with this app, check to see if you’ve installed the correct version, permissions, and settings first.

If still experiencing problems, here are some steps to follow.

This Market Feedback Agent is an Android System WebView component that lets apps like Food Panda collect user feedback.

It’s not critical to the Android system, but its inclusion may enhance your device’s performance.

It’s simple to clear the Market Feedback Agent by pressing and holding the power button until the menu appears. Then tap Clear data.

This will shut down all apps and restart the computer.

How to fix Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping?

There are a few solutions that you can try to fix the market feedback agent keeps stopping error, such as resetting your device or updating the version of Android on your device. # Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping

Restart your Phone

Restarting your phone has helped us resolve a lot of problems on our phones.

When you restart your system, all open applications are closed and your system is reset to factory settings.

In order to resolve the “market feedback agent keeps stopping” error, you will also need to restart your phone.

You can do this by long pressing the Power button on your phone for 10 seconds and selecting the option to restart it.

Update your phone software

It is also possible that your phone’s software version is outdated and causing the Market Feedback Agent to keep stopping.

The best way to fix this is to keep your phone updated to the latest Android version.

To check for updates, go back to your phone’s Settings app and click on the System Update section.

You can update your phone with the latest Android version by clicking on Download and Install.

These fixes should definitely resolve your Market Feedback Agent keeps stopping issue. # Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping

Update the Android System Webview app 

The Android System Webview app can be updated by going to Google Play Store and selecting “Updates are available” and finding Android System Webview.

Once that has been done, click the Update button.

You could also be using an outdated version of Market Feedback Agent.

The Market Feedback Agent should also be updated to the latest version, so we recommend clicking on Update All apps.

Wipe the Cache partition on your device.

Many apps on your device may fail to function properly due to the cache stored on your device.

The cache needs to be cleared in order for problems to be resolved.

You can do this by going to your phone’s Settings > Storage and then clicking on Cache or Cached Data and then tapping to clear it.

Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping

Check for Low RAM or Storage

There are a lot of users experiencing the Market Feedback Agent keeps stopping issue simply because their device doesn’t have enough RAM or storage.

Your storage space can be improved by clearing out the unneeded apps on your device and even clearing the cache files.

In addition, if you have any background apps running, close them so that you don’t experience low RAM issues. # Market Feedback Agent Keeps Stopping

The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled

How to disable the market feedback agent?

Market feedback agent is an app that uses Google Play Services. It allows other apps to ask you to give feedback about apps on the Google Play Store, such as rating apps, answering surveys, and reporting problems.

Using the market feedback agent isn’t essential to the proper functioning of your device, but it may improve how well your apps perform.

Following are the steps you can take to disable the market feedback agent:

  • Select Apps & Notifications > See all apps from Settings.
  • You can find Google Play Services by tapping on it.
  • At the top right corner, tap the three dots icon and choose Manage space.
  • Confirm clearing all data by tapping on it.
  • Then, go back to the list of apps and select Market Feedback Agent.
  • Ensure that Disable is selected and confirm it.

By doing so, you will not receive feedback from the market feedback agent in the background. Some apps, however, may still send you feedback requests if they use their own feedback mechanisms.

It may be necessary to change each app’s settings individually in order to disable those. # disable the market feedback agent

Is the market feedback agent a virus?

In case this app crashes or does not work as expected, there is no need to worry about security or any other relevant issues.

Occasionally, an app will crash when the user tries to use it. This is due to a system problem, and restarting the device should fix it.

You can do this by holding the power button for 10 seconds until the boot menu appears, then closing all open apps and restarting the system.

This will erase any data and files on the phone.

This app is a part of the Android System WebView, a vital component of many Google apps. You may be wondering, “What is this application?”

It is actually a part of the Android System WebView app, which lets other apps call it. Ensure there is enough space on your device if the app is causing you problems. If it does, force-quit it immediately.


You may be frustrated when you see the error “Market Feedback Agent keeps stopping” on your Android device, but it is often a problem that can be resolved with the right approach.

Our team hopes you have gained valuable insights and solutions to this issue through this blog post.

You can troubleshoot these errors yourself by following our troubleshooting steps, restore control of your device, and continue to use it uninterrupted.

Technology can sometimes be unpredictable, and errors like these are not uncommon.

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