How To Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps?

How To Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps? The Xbox One has carved a special spot in gamers’ hearts worldwide.

It’s an integral part of our lives, offering hours of entertainment and excitement. As with any piece of technology, the Xbox One has its downsides, too.

The Xbox One can emit a series of beeps when it won’t turn on. If you are experiencing this problem, you are not alone, and there are solutions.

The Xbox One refuses to power on and makes beeping noises for a variety of reasons, which we’ll explore in this blog post.

In addition, we’ll help you troubleshoot and fix this problem, so you can continue playing without delay.

In order to get your Xbox One up and running smoothly again, let’s roll up our sleeves and tackle this issue head-on. # Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps

Reasons for Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps

Several reasons can cause your Xbox One to not turn on but beep. Each issue has a unique solution, some of which are much easier and cheaper.

Faulty internal PSU

An internal power supply unit could be the culprit if the problem wasn’t due to the cable or power brick’s external power supply.

Despite being an integral part of the console, this component can overheat and malfunction.

Despite the fact that this component can be replaced, it is a rather expensive repair that should only be performed by an experienced technician.

It is generally more cost-effective to purchase a different console instead of an older Xbox model. # Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps


In case your Xbox console is not turning on, it may be due to overheating. If you leave the console on for a long period of time, or if dust blocks the vents, your console may be beeping.

A 30-minute or longer turn-off will allow the Xbox’s internal components and power brick to cool down, if it has been on for a long time.

As a result of this short break, the temperature of the unit will decrease and future problems will be prevented.

You can use compressed air or a gentle brush to remove dust that has accumulated on the console’s vents, allowing more airflow and preventing future overheating.

Moisture on motherboard

Xbox internal components such as the motherboard may occasionally build up moisture due to issues with the internal liquid cooling system, or due to condensation buildup caused by temperature changes.

The Xbox will malfunction if it is kept in a cold room and then turned on, or if it is kept in an unusually humid environment.

Any moisture on a motherboard can cause a wide range of issues, ranging from the motherboard not turning on at all to beeping but not starting up.

When moisture is present on a motherboard for an extended period of time, sparking and short circuits may occur.

Several methods can be used to dry out your console, including:

  • Let the moisture drip out by turning the console at an angle
  • To dry the internal components, use the coolest setting on the hairdryer
  • During the next 2-3 days, leave the Xbox alone to dry out naturally
  • Dehumidify the room and console to remove moisture

Power brick and cable issue

You might have a faulty power supply causing your Xbox to beep but not turn on.

In some cases, the problem can arise from an aging power brick or the cord itself. The console may beep but fail to turn on properly over time due to a strain on the power brick.

There are a variety of aftermarket Xbox power supplies available on Amazon or directly from Xbox in cases like this.

Replacing the cable and power brick is your best option.

The cable and brick can be replaced together or you can replace one before moving onto the other. # Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps

How To Fix Xbox One Turns On Then Off by itself?

How To Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps?

The following steps can help you fix the Xbox One beeping issue but not turning on:

Keep Pressing Eject Button

Whenever you encounter this issue, it is recommended to repeatedly press the eject button 10-15 times.

In many cases, this solution solved the problem of turning on Xbox Ones that were having problems.

Check out this method and see if it works for you. If not, then you can try the other troubleshooting steps found in this article.

When you attempt this option, you do not need a disc in the tray.

If that does not work, you can try simply inserting a new disc to force the software to focus on a new task.

Getting the components to focus on a new task, which is reading the disc you just inserted, might break the software loop. # Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps

Force Restart Xbox One

Following the steps below will help you to forcefully restart the Xbox if you are unable to get it to power on after power cycling.

  1. Connect your Xbox to a power source before playing.
  2. To begin, hold down the sync, eject, and power buttons for ten seconds at a time.
  3. The eject button should be released after ten seconds.
  4. All buttons that have been pressed for 15 seconds should be released.
  5. Finally, press and hold the sync button while holding down the power button.
  6. It should start up right away on your Xbox One.
  7. You can finally power up the console by pressing the power button and repeatedly pressing the sync button.
Xbox One Won't Turn on but Beeps

Triple Button Hold

In order to get your console out of a continuous software loop, you will need to press three console buttons at once.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. For ten seconds, hold down the Eject, Power, and Sync buttons simultaneously.
  2. Hold onto the remaining buttons for another fifteen seconds after releasing the Eject button after ten seconds.
  3. Sync and Power buttons should be released after fifteen seconds.
  4. Once the console starts syncing data, press the Power and Sync buttons together to turn it on.
  5. Take a look at the issue to see if it has been resolved.

Remove USB devices & Other Removable External Drives

To avoid sharing power with other removable devices, try removing any external devices connected to your Xbox console.

The following steps should be followed in order to remove USB drives and other external devices:

  1. Remove all USB devices and drives from your console and turn it off.
  2. For a few seconds, press and hold the Power button. 
  3. Having turned it on and booted properly, all removable devices can be plugged back in.

Soft Reset your Xbox

A soft reset will drain power stored in your Xbox’s internal components. Unlike power cycling, it won’t remove games or apps stored on your console. # Xbox One Won’t Turn on but Beeps

You can soft reset your Xbox by following these steps:

  1. After 15 seconds, unplug the console’s power cord.
  2. The Power button should be pressed several times while the console is unplugged to drain any stored power.
  3. Connect the console’s power cord to the power source again.
  4. Check if the issue persists by turning it on with the Power button.

Power Cycle the Xbox

You can perform a power cycle on your Xbox One by following these steps.

  1. Make sure your Xbox is connected to a power source.
  2. For at least 10 seconds, press and hold the power button.
  3. Resetting will now begin immediately on the console.
  4. A self-shutdown feature is also available.
  5. You will notice the LED light on your power brick changing from orange to white.
  6. Your power brick will turn dark orange once it has completed a power cycle.
  7. It should start up right away after you turn on your Xbox One.


You may find it frustrating to deal with an Xbox One that won’t turn on, but you can often fix the problem without contacting a professional with the right knowledge and troubleshooting steps.

Make sure your console has sufficient ventilation and power connections before you move on to more advanced troubleshooting steps, such as performing a hard reset or checking for hardware problems, if that doesn’t solve the problem.

Here is a comprehensive guide to help you diagnose and fix a problem where your Xbox One won’t turn on but beeps.

Following these steps will save you time and save you the cost of replacing your Xbox One. Get your Xbox One back into action and immerse yourself in the world of gaming again.

Don’t let technical glitches stop you from your gaming adventures.

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