How to verify your PayPal account? Complete Guide

How to verify your PayPal account? If you’ve been wondering how to verify your PayPal account, you’ve come to the right place.

Verification not only enhances the security of your account, but also unlocks a world of opportunities.

Throughout this comprehensive guide, we’ll demystify each requirement and provide valuable tips as you learn how to verify your PayPal account step-by-step.

Whether you’re linking a bank account or verifying your email address, we’ll cover everything you need to get the most out of your PayPal account.

Explore the benefits a verified PayPal account brings to your online financial endeavors as we uncover the secrets to a verified PayPal account.

What is PayPal account verification?

Verification in PayPal is the process by which PayPal verifies and confirms that a user is a valid account owner and that their linked bank account or credit card is valid.

PayPal ensures that only trustworthy individuals can open and operate their accounts, as well as giving you peace of mind that your information will be protected and that transactions can be completed securely.

New PayPal accounts start out as unverified accounts.

Unverified accounts have certain limitations, particularly concerning how much money can be sent, received, and withdrawn.

You must add your bank account or credit card details to your PayPal account and complete a confirmation process in order to get your account verified.

A PayPal transaction consists of two small deposits into your bank account or a charge to your credit card (which is refunded) and you are asked to confirm these amounts.

You become verified after completing the verification process. This process increases trust between PayPal users and prevents fraud and scams. 

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How to verify your PayPal account?

When you verify your PayPal account, you gain access to certain features, including higher transaction limits. Here’s how to do it:

The verification requirements may vary depending on your country and PayPal policies in your region.

For the most accurate information, please refer to PayPal’s official website or contact their customer service.

Log In to Your PayPal Account:

Log in to your PayPal account by visiting and entering your email address and password.

Confirm Your Email Address:

To confirm your email address, PayPal will send you an email. Click the link in the email to confirm your email address.

Add and Confirm Your Bank Account:

Adding a bank account is the first step in verifying your PayPal account. To do this, go to your PayPal account settings:

  1. On the top right, click on “Wallet.”.
  2. You will need to click on “Link a bank account.”
  3. Add and confirm your bank account by following the prompts.
  4. Two small deposits will be made to your bank account, which must be verified on PayPal’s website.

Link and Confirm Your Debit or Credit Card (Optional):

PayPal accounts can be further verified by linking and confirming a debit or credit card, although it is not always necessary.

  1. You can access your wallet by clicking “Wallet.”
  2. You can link a debit or credit card by clicking “Link a debit or credit card”.
  3. You’ll have to confirm that PayPal charged your card a small fee.

Complete the Expanded Use Verification (Optional):

A PayPal user may be asked to confirm a charge made to their linked credit card by entering a unique code from their bank statement. Follow the instructions on screen to confirm the charge.

Confirm Your Identity (Varies by Region):

It is possible that PayPal will ask you for additional identification documents, such as a driver’s license or passport, and sometimes even your utility bill, depending on where you live.

Check Your Verification Status:

When you have completed all the necessary steps, check your PayPal account settings to verify your account. If you see “Completed” or “Verified,” your account is now verified.

Enjoy Verified Account Benefits:

The benefits of having a verified PayPal account include increased security, higher transaction limits, and enhanced trust when doing business online.

Be patient and follow the instructions provided by PayPal to ensure a smooth verification process. The verification process may take some time, especially if PayPal must review your documents.

Paypal Business Account Verification

You can build trust and dependability between your business and other PayPal users by verifying your business. PayPal businesses will find peace of mind in working with verified PayPal businesses. 

Verifying your PayPal Business Account in 3 Easy Steps

When you first create your PayPal account, you’ll be guided through the process of setting up your account, adding your account type, business email and information, and your personal information.

The verification process will begin as soon as you enter your bank account type and financial information. 

  • Paypal will make two deposits into your account once you add your banking details
  • Add those specific amounts to your PayPal account to verify your account 
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you once your account has been varied successfully

If your credit card expires or you change banks, your funds will have nowhere to be released and errors will occur.

Keep your financial information current and consistent to keep your business account operating smoothly.

verify your PayPal account


How to verify PayPal account with debit card? 

Using a debit card to verify your PayPal account is as easy as following these steps:

  1. Go to PayPal and log in.
  2. To access your wallet, click the Wallet tab.
  3. You can verify your bank account or credit card by selecting it.
  4. Click Link a card or bank account if you do not have one.
  5. Choose between Linking a debit or credit card and Linking a bank account.
  6. Complete the debit card link form by adding all the necessary information.
  7. Click on Submit once you have added the information.

PayPal may charge your debit card a small amount for verification.

This amount will be credited back to your account within a few days. 

How to confirm credit card and debit card with PayPal?

Upon receiving a “Confirm Card” link, you will need to confirm this debit or credit card before you can use it with PayPal.

This is so PayPal can verify the card’s validity and ownership.

From a web browser, you can confirm your credit or debit card:

  1. You can find your wallet there.
  2. To confirm a card, click on it.
  3. Please click on the Confirm Card link. If you don’t see it, we’ve already confirmed your card.
  4. Click OK once you have reviewed the information.

In order to verify your card, we’ll charge you $1.95 USD. A PayPal code will appear on your card statement within 2-3 business days along with this charge.

You need to use the latest PayPal code that you have requested if you request the PayPal code more than once.

If you request the PayPal code more than once, there will be more than one charge on your card statement.

It is also possible to check for the code when you receive your next statement in the mail if you don’t have access to your statements online.

It is possible to request a new PayPal code up to three times if you cannot find your PayPal code.

In a web browser, you can verify your card using your PayPal 4-digit code as follows:

  1. You can find your wallet there.
  2. To confirm a card, click on it.
  3. Please enter the 4-digit code and click the Confirm button.

Your card issuer will credit your balance within 30 days of the refund date, once we confirm your card.

How long does it take to verify PayPal account

PayPal verification times vary based on several factors, such as your location, the completeness of the information you provide, and whether PayPal requires any additional documentation.

Here are some examples:

Basic Verification (Email and Bank Account): 

Adding your bank account and verifying your email address are usually straightforward processes that can be completed in minutes or hours.

Credit or Debit Card Verification: 

This step can also be relatively quick, usually within a few minutes or hours when linking a credit card or debit card.

Expanded Use Verification: 

A few days may pass before you can confirm small deposits to your bank account or charges on your linked credit card.

Identity Verification:

 It may take PayPal several days to a week to review your documents to make sure they meet PayPal’s identity verification requirements if PayPal requires further identification documents such as a passport or driver’s license.

Customer Support Contact:

 PayPal may request additional information during the verification process if you encounter any difficulties or if you encounter any issues during the verification process.

There is a range of PayPal verification times based on region and individual circumstances. Some users report near-instant verification, while others report delays.

To expedite the process, you should provide accurate and complete information when prompted by PayPal and respond to any requests for additional information or documentation promptly.

You can contact PayPal’s customer support if you have concerns about your verification or are experiencing significant delays.

In addition to providing guidance tailored to your situation, they can also assist you in resolving any problems that are causing the verification process to be delayed.


Your PayPal account has been verified! Congratulations! As you’ve discovered, it’s a lengthy process, but it can be accomplished by following the steps outlined here.

As well as strengthening your account’s security, you’ve also gained access to a wide range of opportunities and benefits by verifying it.

You can send and receive larger amounts of money with a verified PayPal account, inspire trust among potential buyers and sellers, and use PayPal for a wide range of financial transactions online.

The verified status of your transactions adds professionalism and security, whether you’re a business owner, a shopper, or a freelancer.

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