Does Slack have Read Receipts? Complete Guide

Does Slack have Read Receipts? You might be wondering whether Slack, a popular team collaboration tool, offers the read receipt feature you desire.

It’s typical for instant messaging apps and email platforms to have read receipts that indicate when a message has been read.

Slack, however, follows a slightly different approach to it.

In this blog post, we’ll explore whether Slack has read receipts, how they work, and what options are available for users looking to gain insight into their message delivery and reading status.

No matter what level of Slack experience you have or how new you are to the platform, read on to find out what read receipts are all about and how they impact your communication. # Does Slack have Read Receipts

Can Slack track your activity?

Some of your activity can be tracked by Slack, but not all. Slack can determine whether you are active or away based on how you use the app or device.

Through the activity view, Slack can track any mentions of your username, keyword notifications, reactions to your messages, and more.

On the desktop or mobile app, you can access your activity view by clicking on the @ symbol next to your starred items.

A third-party app or tool that integrates with Slack, however, can track how much time you spend on each channel, message, or file.

Several apps and tools claim to add time tracking to Slack, including Time Doctor, Readit, and MailClark.

However, these tools or apps may not work well with Slack and may require additional permissions or fees. Therefore, you should be cautious before using them.

Does Slack have Read Receipts?

There is no read receipt feature in Slack, unlike some other messaging apps or email platforms.

This means you won’t see a notification when someone reads your message. # Does Slack have Read Receipts

You can, however, get limited information about the status of your messages from Slack by using the following message status indicators:


Timestamped messages in Slack indicate when they were sent. Additionally, you can view when they were last edited.

While this does not confirm that they were read, it gives you an idea of when they were seen.

Notification Badges: 

Slack’s notification badges notify you when new messages are posted in channels you are a member of. # Does Slack have Read Receipts

These can give you an indication of unread content, but they do not specify which messages are read.

“Seen by” Feature: 

Some versions of Slack include a “Seen by” feature that lets you see which members of a channel have viewed a message.

This feature may not be available on all Slack plans, and it might not show exactly when someone viewed the message, only that they had seen it at some point in the past.

Slack prioritizes user privacy and control over these features. Notification preferences and online status visibility are adjustable by users, which can affect how you receive information about their interactions with your messages.

Additionally, Slack’s design philosophy emphasizes asynchronous communication and reduces the pressure for immediate responses by eliminating traditional read receipts. # Does Slack have Read Receipts

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Does Slack have Read Receipts

How do I mark a message as unread in Slack?

The following methods can be used in Slack to mark a message as unread:

  • Select Mark as unread from the More actions icon (three dots) next to a message on the desktop version of Slack.
  • Messages can be marked as unread on the mobile version of Slack by tapping and holding them.

Keeping track of important information or remembering to reply later is made easier by marking messages as unread.

To change your preferences for how messages are marked as read, follow these steps:

  • Click your profile picture in the top right corner of your desktop.
  • Go to the Preferences menu and select Preferences.
  • From the left sidebar, select Mark as read.
  • Select When I view a channel from the drop-down menu.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. I hope this helps you mark messages as unread in Slack.

Why does Slack not have Read Receipts?

In Slack, read receipts are not available because they may cause privacy, productivity, or performance issues for some users.

Read receipts are indicators that indicate if someone has read your message.

People may be interested in having read receipts in Slack for a number of reasons, including accountability, verification, and communication etiquette.

However, Slack does not support this feature because:

A. Some users may feel pressured, annoyed, or distracted by read receipts. 

There are many reasons why people feel compelled to respond right away, or why they worry about how others will perceive their tone or response time.

They may also lose focus on their work or feel stressed as a result of being constantly reminded.

B. Some users may have technical difficulties with read receipts. 

They may not receive them accurately, or they may have trouble sending them. Due to increased network traffic, they may also experience slower performance or higher data usage.

C. Some users may value their privacy and control over their communication. 

In addition to not wanting others to know when they are online, offline, or busy, they may also want to reply to messages as they see fit, without feeling monitored or judged.

To respect the preferences and needs of different users, Slack does not provide read receipts.

It is possible to change how Slack tracks whether you have read messages in the Preferences menu on the desktop version of the application.

You can also mark messages as unread if you intend to return to them later.

How do I change my status in Slack?

These steps will guide you through changing your Slack status:

  • On your desktop, click your profile picture.
  • In the Update your status field, click the Update button.
  • Select an emoji and enter your status, or choose a suggested status.
  • If you’d like to turn off notifications until your status clears, click Pause notifications.
  • Please click the Save button.

To edit or clear your status, click the current status or Clear status menu item. For more information, click here.


A key factor in how effectively we communicate with others can be the presence or absence of read receipts. Slack, an incredibly popular platform for team collaboration, handles this feature in a unique way.

While Slack does not offer traditional read receipts that explicitly inform you when someone has read your message, it offers other indicators that serve a similar purpose.

Message status indicators, such as timestamps, notifications, and the “Seen by” feature, are some ways that Slack users can get a better sense of when their messages have been seen or interacted with.

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