How to use a paypal gift card? Complete Guide

How to use a paypal gift card? Did you know that PayPal offers a unique way to enhance your digital transactions? The PayPal gift card offers a way to enhance your digital transactions with PayPal’s widespread popularity and user-friendly interface.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to use PayPal gift cards to simplify your online transactions, shareable experiences, and more. Our journey will enable us to harness the convenience of PayPal gift cards and unlock their potential.

What is a PayPal Gift Card?

PayPal gift cards are digital cards that can be used to make online purchases or in-person transactions without a credit card. You can create or buy them with your PayPal account, and send them to customers or friends.

You can use PayPal gift cards at many retailers and stores that accept PayPal as a payment method as well. PayPal gift cards can be added to your PayPal account as a payment method.

When it comes to making online purchases without a credit card, PayPal gift cards are an excellent option. They can also be used by people who don’t have a credit card or wish to limit their spending.

Also, as its name suggests, it can make a wonderful gift for your friends or significant ones (especially if you don’t know what to buy for them).

Can You Turn A Paypal Gift Card Into Cash? 

With PayPal’s simple process of converting credit cards to cash, you should receive the funds in your account within a day or two. PayPal also lets you convert multiple gift cards into cash at once.

Several methods exist for converting gift cards (such as Amazon gift cards) to PayPal. Plastiq is one of the most popular online platforms to help you do this.

In recent years, a number of companies have begun allowing their customers to settle certain bills with the assistance of gift cards. You can use your Gift Card to pay your mortgage, car payment, or credit card bill.

A gift card can be purchased at a local store and used to make small purchases. A digital gift card can be used to buy products from a wide range of online retailers. You can also use the gift card to pay for bills that accept credit cards.

You certainly can! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to cash out a PayPal gift card:

Method 1: Selling Your Gift Card

  1. Several websites offer gift card sales, including Cardpool, Raise, CardCash, and Giftcard Zen.
  2. Sell your gift card using an app like Raise1.
  3. E-commerce sites like eBay or Craigslist are excellent places to list your gift card.
  4. Gift cards can be sold to friends.

Method 2: Trading Your Gift Card

  1. There are Coinstar kiosks located in many large chains of grocery stores.
  2. Receive a 60% to 85% offer by swiping the gift card at the kiosk.
  3. Get a voucher you can redeem at a cash register for cash if you accept the offer.

Before proceeding, please review the terms and conditions of each method, as they may involve fees or commissions.

Why You Should Use Stripe Over PayPal?

How to use paypal gift card?

PayPal gift cards are easy to use and can enhance your online shopping and payment experience.

Here is a step-by-step guide to use PayPal gift cards:

Purchase a PayPal Gift Card:

  • PayPal gift cards can be found both online and offline in different retail stores. There are different denominations available, so choose the one that suits your needs.

Scratch Off the Security Code:

  • On the back of the gift card, you will find a scratch-off panel that contains a unique security code. Gently scratch off this panel without damaging it.

Access Your PayPal Account:

  • Create an account if you don’t already have one. Using your email address and personal information, sign up for PayPal ( and verify your PayPal account, along with linking it to a bank account or credit/debit card, to increase functionality.

Link the Gift Card to Your PayPal Account:

  • You can add a PayPal gift card to your PayPal account by navigating to the “Wallet” section. Look for options such as “Link a Card or Bank” or “Link Debit or Credit Card.”.

Enter the Gift Card Details:

  • After scratching off the unique security code from the gift card, you’ll be prompted to enter the card number and expiration date. Follow the instructions on the screen to finish.

Check the Gift Card Balance:

  • Your PayPal account will show the balance of the gift card once you’ve linked the card. This lets you see how much credit is available and confirms that the card has been successfully added.

Start Using Your PayPal Gift Card:

  • PayPal gift cards can now be used for online purchases or transactions when funds are available on them.
  • You can use PayPal gift cards as payment sources on websites that accept PayPal by selecting PayPal as your payment method during checkout, logging into your PayPal account, and using your PayPal gift card balance. We will use the balance of the gift card to cover the purchase amount.

paypal gift card

Monitor Your Gift Card Balance:

  • Make sure to keep an eye on your PayPal gift card balance to avoid running out of funds. You can easily check the balance by logging into your PayPal account and viewing your wallet.

Combine with Other Payment Methods:

  • You can use your gift card in combination with other payment methods linked to your PayPal account, such as a credit card or bank account, if it does not cover the full purchase amount. The amount will be deducted first from your gift card balance, and then charged to your backup payment source.

You can easily manage your online spending and enjoy PayPal’s security and flexibility by using a PayPal gift card. You can use your gift card for a variety of online transactions as long as you keep an eye on the balance.

How to buy a paypal gift card and where to buy it?

There are many places where you can buy gift cards, including online retailers, grocery stores, and department stores.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. You can purchase Amazon gift cards online. You can choose from a variety of designs and denominations, and have them mailed, emailed, or texted to you.
  2. You can also order physical and e-gift cards through The company offers both physical and e-gift cards.
  3. Gift cards issued by Visa can be purchased online or in-store at many retailers. Visa debit and credit cards are accepted everywhere.
  4. Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks gift cards are available at many grocery stores.
  5. There are a number of retailers that sell gift cards at department stores like Target and Walmart.

What Can I Do With A Paypal Gift Card?

PayPal gift cards are a versatile and convenient way to manage online transactions. Here are a few ways you can use PayPal gift cards:

Make Online Purchases:

  • In order to make online purchases, PayPal gift cards are typically used as a payment method. Gift cards can be used on any website or online store that accepts PayPal. Simply enter the card details during the checkout process to pay.

Send Money to Others:

  • When sending money to family and friends, you can use a PayPal gift card. If you owe someone money or would like to give a monetary gift, funds are transferred directly from your PayPal account.

Pay Bills and Subscriptions:

  • PayPal is accepted by many utilities, subscription services, and online platforms. You can use it to pay your bills or cover subscription fees for streaming services and online gaming.

Donate to Charities:

  • Donating to charities and non-profits is also possible with PayPal. You can use your gift card balance to contribute.

Shop on eBay:

  • eBay shoppers can use their PayPal gift cards to buy items on the platform. PayPal is a widely accepted payment method on eBay, and using your gift card is a convenient way to purchase items.

Purchase Digital Goods:

  • If you have a PayPal gift card, you can use it to buy digital products and services like eBooks, software, music, and mobile apps from online stores that accept PayPal.

Combine with Other Payment Methods:

  • PayPal gift cards can be used along with other payment methods linked to your PayPal account, such as a credit card or bank account, if they don’t cover the full cost of a purchase. First, PayPal will deduct from your gift card balance and then charge your backup payment account.

Check Your Balance:

  • Keeping track of your gift card balance regularly is crucial to ensuring you have enough funds to complete your transactions. You can view your gift card balance by going to Wallet in your PayPal account.

Share the Gift Card Experience:

  • You can also give PayPal gift cards as gifts. You can use a PayPal gift card for yourself or share the experience by sending it to someone else.

Enhance Security and Privacy:

  • By using a PayPal gift card, you don’t have to share your credit card or bank account information with multiple online merchants, which helps protect your privacy.


PayPal gift cards have emerged as an essential tool for simplifying digital transactions and elevating your online experience in a world where convenience is key.

Buying and using these gift cards across a wide range of online retailers offers flexibility and security that cannot be overstated.

PayPal gift cards provide you with a variety of options, whether you want to streamline your online shopping, send a thoughtful gift, or manage your finances better.

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